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Positive Psychology of Gratitude

Studies show how the habit and practice of gratitude can enhance your life, your work and the lives of all around you.

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Nurses and Bullying: 4 Things You Can Do

Bullying is real. It happens in all workplaces, including settings where we work as professional nurses. How can you recognize it? What can you do about it?

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AMA Looks to Retrain Doctors on Taking Blood Pressures

Measuring blood pressure is thought of as a fundamental skill, but is it being performed correctly? The American Heart Association and American Medical Association has released an on-line refresher course for HCPs to brush up on their knowledge and technique.

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New job and asking for time off

i will be changing jobs soon as I am moving to a new state. i have prior obligations - my brother’s wedding the end of May, and grad school clinical that is mandatory in the summer for 4 days.

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Finishing up my first year of CRNA school. Ask me anything!

These posts were extremely helpful when I was in the process of applying to school and wondering what to expect. I'd be happy to return the favor and answer any questions one might have.

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12 Days of Giveaways 2019 - FINAL DAYS!

We are getting a head start on Christmas. As a token of our appreciation, we have planned a big celebration for the Season of Giving with 12 Days of Amazing Giveaways with prizes totaling more than $1200!

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2019 Black Friday Deals - Nursing and More

Thanksgiving is just a week away. It’s a time for giving thanks for our family, friends….and FOOD. While you are kicking back and relaxing, the next thing to do is to scan the newspaper ads for BLACK FRIDAY SALES.

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5 Things ER Nurses Wish Every Parent Knew

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