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How Gossip Hurts All of Us

A look at the specifics of how gossip undermines our work, health, relationships and our patients.

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5 Ways to Help Close the Gaps from Inpatient to Ambulatory

It's no secret that patients often struggle with their transition from inpatient stay to ambulatory care. Here are 5 ways a bedside nurse can help close these gaps.

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What to say in exit interview

Dear Nurse Beth, My job as a night shift ICU nurse is challenging to say the least. Morale is low, high stress, no breaks, difficult shifts, at least three patients many shifts, a lot of floating, and some passive-aggressive coworkers stirring the pot sometimes.

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Strategies for Nursing Success: Part 3 of 3 | Documenting and Evaluating to Improve Practice Issues

As nurses, we are held accountable and responsible for making complex decisions that are consistent with safe, competent, compassionate and ethical nursing practice. We are also faced with diverse and challenging issues that can impact the delivery of patient care.

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Did a Snowstorm Kill My Patient? A True Story about the Challenges Faced in Rural Rocky Mountain Emergency Medicine

This is the true story of a snowstorm, a woman in distress, her death, and the impact the case has had on my life and my career as a rural Rocky Mountain ER nurse.

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New Nurse, Med Error = Lost Job

I am a new nursing working on a neuro med surg unit. I just came off of orientation about 2 weeks ago, and I made a med error where I gave two doses of an IV medication too close together.

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Sitter to escort patient during smoke breaks

Just curious about opinions on this topic. A patient safety attendant being assigned to sit with a patient for the sole purpose of escorting them off the unit whenever they please to smoke in the parking lot.

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What Career Advice Should You Give Future Nurses?

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