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The Employee Survey That Left Me Hanging

I was recently asked to participate in the confidential annual employee survey at the hospital I work. The “kick-off” campaign focused on the importance of employee feedback and suggestions for improvement.

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I'm Just The Nurse | Life of a Nurse

I’m just the nurse. That was my response when questioned regarding my role. One day, that response felt wrong. I am the nurse that will provide care, advocate, educate, and inform. This thinking “just a nurse” is exactly what is wrong with the world view of nursing.

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The Best Mental Health Resources for Preventing Suicide According to Nurses

Suicide prevention deserves our attention every day of the year. Whether you are a nurse looking for help to share with patients, family, friends, colleagues, or for personal use, there are many reliable and evidence-based resources to provide the help that is needed.

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7 Reasons Why You May Feel Stuck In Your Job

Perhaps you are waiting on a pay raise or other major change to revive your passion for the job. The nursing profession is brimming with career options, yet it is easy to feel stuck in a career trap. Read on to learn 7 reasons why nurses often feel stuck and unable to forward.

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RN providing total care for 4-5 patients

I just felt like I needed to vent and this site has always been the only place I know where to.

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Director wants to change all 12 hr shift nurses to 10 hr!!!!

Many of you who work 12 hour shifts know how that is one of the greatest perks of nursing. I received a bomb when I got the news that in 8 weeks they were changing our schedules to 10 hour.

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4 Ways to be a Healthy and Imbalanced Nurse

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