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Legal obligation for disaster relief

I belong to a level 2 trauma center in florida. I've had my arm twisted into a "disaster relief team". I've been told that I will remain in the hospital for 1-2 days, possibly more. That I am not allowed to go home or leave. That I must stay within the confines of the hospital.

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When Should I Retire? My Struggle

Usually when I write an article, I hope for a lot of views. But this time I’m not so sure. It’s because this article is way more personal than what I usually write. You may think me shallow or worse after you read it.

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How Technology Use Can Impact Our Health

Have you taken the time to assess your digital health? Or that of your patients? There’s no doubt that technology gives us more control over our health.

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I Have to Go to Work!

Patient walks into the clinic with near syncope and shortness of breath. With no major risk factors what could be causing it?

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An Advanced Degree was the Key to My Career

Nursing is a wonderful career. It has afforded me a comfortable standard of living, and a job where I feel I can make a difference. However, it’s been a journey.

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Background Check Reveals Arrest. Application to Sit Boards Denied

Dear Nurse Beth, I have recently graduated from school as an LPN. I just received a letter from state board of nursing saying my background reveals prior arrests, It states that they need a statement on why I fail to disclose the information.

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NCLEX Study Tips contest

August traditionally means the end of summer and back to school prep for millions across the United States. It’s also a great time to gather some study tips. Here is a way you can share your favorite study tips and have a chance to win a pair of Beats Wireless Studio Headphones or a $125 Amazon Gift Card!

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3 Nurses Charged with Manslaughter After Hurricane

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