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I’d Like A Personality Transplant, Please!

This is the third in a series about the gut microbiome (I know, catchy concept – who wants to read about the bacteria living in your digestive system? But seriously, keep reading!). Recent research has implicated the microbiome in colitis, IBS, obesity, depression, autism, cancer, Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

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The Healthy Side of Disgust

Disgust is strong ally in protecting us from infection and disease. It also shapes how we view and react to other people.

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Nurse Donates Uterus to a Stranger

Would you endure a nine-hour surgery to give your uterus to a complete stranger? One nurse did. Learn more about her story and the work being done at Baylor University in Dallas, Texas.

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Broaden Your Horizons - from Heartburn to Hemorrhoids! Life as an Endoscopy RN

I was a new grad who wanted to broaden my horizons that included something that provided a procedural component.

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Why wouldn't this cost of living hack work for California?

Right now we live in Florida (put aside that I'm in school to be a PMHNP and that my wife currently works from home as one). If we went back to "bedside" why couldn't we live in Vacaville and commute to San Francisco (we each have about 10 years ICU experience) or live in Carson City Nevada and commute to Sacramento

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Nurses secretive about getting another job

We have a Per Diem nurse 'Karen' who also is Per Diem at another hospital where I used to work. There's others from there and a lot of back and forth. Another coworker who also works both places let it slip to me that she thought Karen was now orienting at a 3rd nearby hospital.

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Celebrate Nurses Article Contest

As nurses, you know about many of the different facets of the nursing profession, but I'll bet no one knows all there is to know about all the various specialties and areas of nursing.

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6 ways to increase your patient's health literacy

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