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Nurse Beaten by Patient Denied Request for Unpaid Time Off and Fired

Imagine being beaten on the job, needing multiple surgeries, and then being told that you can't have more time off and ultimately being terminated. This isn't just an example scenario for Tina Suckow, an Iowa nurse.

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Nurse Practitioner Called a Drug-Dealer at Sentencing

Nurse Practitioners in Alabama are required to have physician collaboration. However, at Lillian Akwuba, skirted this law and others when she prescribed controlled substances to patients who didn't need it and forged the signatures of physicians. She's been sentenced to 10 years in prison and called a "drug dealer."

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Roadkill Cuisine Perks and Pitfalls

I recently read a news article on the California bill supporting the legalization of roadkill harvesting. Curiosity took over and I wanted to understand "how and why" this bill was a progressive step forward.

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Heat, Humidity and Protecting the Heart

Hot and humid weather can be dangerous for anyone, but the risk is greater for those with heart disease. Be prepared to educate your patients on how to prevent overstressing the heart while beating the dog days of summer.

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Notified of call before being on call

What are your hospitals policy when it comes to when someone is notified for call? I was on call from 7a7p on monday. Was at work Sunday and was not notified about being called in.

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OK, don't sweat small stuff about patients, especially from glasshouse

At the end of my really, really long shift with OT, finally got the Locum ER to drag her slowpoke fanny in to see an 11 yr old patient. The patient happened to be the child of one of the housekeepers, the humblest and nicest guy in the world.

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Celebrate Nurses Article Contest

As nurses, you know about many of the different facets of the nursing profession, but I'll bet no one knows all there is to know about all the various specialties and areas of nursing.

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