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Ripe for Exploitation

Nursing consistently tops the polls as the most trusted profession. In a cruel twist of irony, some of the same qualities that consistently win us first place on the most trusted chart also make us ripe for exploitation: We’re eighty-five percent female, programmed to please, and unlikely to fight back.

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Return to nursing possible? Looking for advice/similar experiences.

I have been out of nursing for about 7 years. I would like to return to the field, but I am nervous about even attempting to get back in. The reason is I only had 2.5 years of experience when I left.

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What You Need To Know About Moisture-Associated Skin Damage

Moisture-associated skin damage (MASD) can lead to infection, pain and delayed healing. Nurses play a crucial role in the skin assessment and identification of skin issues.

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How I made $93,000 my first year of nursing

So a lot of you are wondering what your compensation will be following nursing school. I can't speak for each state but in Texas, nurses are paid very well, combine that with an unrelenting passion and proficient skills set, it's money in the bank.

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Challenging Dynamics in Nursing Relationships and Tips to Create a More Productive Relationship

Nurses can sometimes have a difficult time communicating with doctors, patients and even other nurses. Here are some tips to help nurses improve communication in some of their most challenging professional relationships.

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2018 Fall Article Contest Top 10 - You Pick 4 Winners

We are counting on our readers to help select the Top 4 Winners. Each winning author will receive $150, so please help us with your votes.

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how to combat alarm fatique

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