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In the Oct 17th issue, we'll discuss how we can respond to the shortage of PPE, COVID quarantine of siblings, nursing awards, job hunting and more. A big shout out to Julie for sharing — The Damaging Ripple Effect of a Lawsuit | allnurses Under Attack with the community. Enjoy! 👍

How can we respond to the shortage of PPE?

Incorporating Telecommunication into Effective PPE Management

Shortages of PPE have placed limits on access to procedural areas. One solution to efficient use of PPE is to provide secure telecommunication between providers and those needing to be a part of patient care.?
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Dealing with Our First COVID Quarantine - Siblings!

Student A tested positive and quarantining. Student A sibling still goes to school. Sibling is getting bullied by peers for being at school. Per our state guidelines, sibling can be in school, so sibling is not doing anything wrong. I was NOT expecting the bullying backlash. I am considering that in future cases all siblings must go home, just for this reason. Thoughts?
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Have you ever received an award for nursing?

Have you ever received an award for nursing?

Like a Daisy Award or Nurse of the year. Was it unexpected? Did you appreciate or believe you were deserving of the award? Did it come with pressure or your 12hrs as nurse never change?
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Job Hopping? Unhappy New Nurse

I need some advice or thoughts. Long story but... I have anxiety in my current new job. Wondering if it's ok to look for another job again? Please read my story and tell me what you think...
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How often should healthcare workers be tested for COVID?

I assume they should be tested more than the general public, but how often?
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allnurses® Article Contest - Surviving Nursing School and Beyond

Would You Like to Share Your Tips/Advice with Struggling Nursing Students? We will select 5 winners - each receiving a $200 amazon gift card.
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