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5 Myths of Multitasking

Many of us pride ourselves on multitasking. After all, the nature of nursing is to juggle constantly changing priorities. But what if multitasking causes us to be less productive and less safe in certain situations?

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Free 6-Month Platinum Membership to Previous Active Pro Members

The Pro and Ad Light allnurses Memberships have come to an end. Meet the brand new Annual Platinum Membership.

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Affordable Medical Malpractice Insurance for Nurses

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6 Tips for Working with a Chronic Condition

Having a chronic condition is challenging. Working full-time and balancing your life and health can feel downright impossible some days. Discover six ways you can work with a chronic condition and remain healthy.

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Sitting down - New nurse looking for advice

I recently graduated from an accelerated nursing program as a BSN this past December and was offered a position in a Level III ED hospital in a large Metropolitan area. However...

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2019 Nursing Salary Survey

Salary is a definite factor for those looking for a job. It also plays a big factor in retaining nurses. But there are other factors that may impact retention rates even more. Work environment, safe nurse-patient staffing ratios, and job satisfaction may be more important to the nurse who is trying to decide whether or not to leave.

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5 tips for landing your next awesome nursing job!

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