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6 Phrases Every Nurse Manager Must Learn to Say

As a nurse leader, you walk a fine line between upper management and those who report to you. It isn't always a comfortable or easy place to navigate. You might find yourself in some situations that are downright difficult.

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Your Third Act

Recently I have been bemoaning the fact that I am getting older (tho still feel young in my mind) but the language that exists to describe this stage of life is so demeaning, discouraging, focused on deteriorating and not descriptive of what my life experience is right now.

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Does Childhood Abuse Prevent Weight Loss?: Mind-Body Connection Pt. 2

It was the summer of 1985. People were drinking New Coke, the Unabomber had just claimed his first victim, and the pop industry had united to sing “We Are The World” to raise money to relieve famine in Africa.

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Tennessee Nurse RaDonda Vaught - Legal Perspectives of Fatal Medication Error

Unless you’ve been living under a rock. You know all about RaDonda Vaught, the Tennessee Nurse who made a terrible and tragic fatal medication error.

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Spiritual Competence, Religion and the Deep South

In the deep south, spirituality and religion are terms frequently used interchangeably. There are overlapping characteristics in both religion and spirituality, but they are defined differently.

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Older nurses...chasing that carrot

I have been an RN for almost 27 years. My parents were also nurses and I pretty much grew up in and around hospitals. Having worked continuously since age seventeen though (I will be 53 this year), it feels like I've been 'plowing' this field since the dawn of time and I'm tired.

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8 Tips When Caring For Geriatric Patients in the ER

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