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Today is January 13, 2021. Just in ... πŸ’€ Whose Life Is Worth Saving?, Case Study: Lump. Breast Cancer?, πŸ‘‚ Working With The Hearing Impaired, Informatics?, We are ESSENTIAL!!, Politics!, and finally Coworkers Don't Like Me.

Whose life is worth saving?

Rationing Care in COVID: Whose life is worth saving?

by Nurse Beth, MSN

Hospitals in California are contemplating the next grim step in this pandemic. With entire healthcare systems maxed out, crisis plans must be made to ration care.
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Case Study: Lump. Breast Cancer? What's going on?

Case Study: It’s a Lump, but is it Breast Cancer?

by SafetyNurse1968, ADN, BSN, MSN, PhD

I am so excited about this Case Study because I feel it will be useful to so many of you! Welcome to a new Case Study in which the patient, a 45-yr-old, white, premenopausal woman, presents for her annual exam with a small lump in her breast that has grown in size over the last few weeks.
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What is Nursing Informatics?

From Iron Lungs to Modern-Day Ventilators: How Nursing Informatics Can Bridge Technology Gaps

by Excelsior College (Trusted Brand)

Nursing informatics is an evolving specialty area that can be applied to all areas of professional nursing practice and settings. Technology services will continue to require greater assistance from nursing informatics. Informatics can help bridge technology gaps. 
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Working with the hearing impaired

Nursing and Sign Language 

by Davey Do

I worked in a psych unit. There were 3 recidivistic hearing impaired patients. I took a sign language course to communicate with them. It came really handy. I'm starting this topic so we can discuss nursing and sign language.
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Why are we not treated like we are essential?

If Nurses are "Essential", Why Can't We Be Treated Like It?

by Catalin, BSN, RN

Where is the incentive to work during this time!? I'm not in it for just the money ... but I am burnt out from the increased workload ... The government can't even give us hazard pay or even a measly tax break.
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Help Me: Coworkers Don't Like Me

How to Deal with Staff Who Don't Like You?

by DribbleKing97

Coworkers are all nosy asking me how I managed to get my job. Then I hear them commenting saying how I get more shifts than nurses who are more senior than I am. What?! Really?! I'm starting to feel offended and not wantedο»Ώ. πŸ˜₯
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We are not allowed to talk about politics.

When Your Patient Wants To Talk Politics

How does everyone handles when a patient wants to talk about politics. I typically try to redirect the subject back to the care I am providing. Anyone have any good tactics since this is a topic that just won’t go away?
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Nursing Jobs

RN Case Manager- Home Care $7,500 Bonus
CMA or LPN – Pediatrics *$500 Bonus
RN III Emergency Dept (FT Varied)
Operating Room I/P Registered Nurse, Varied Hours