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Today is January 8, 2021. Let's explore Nurse In Action: Noncompliant Patient + Scared Patient, Rudeness!, What is 'wet brain'?, Moment Light Went On For You, and something fun.

Nurse In Action: Patient says, "I have a killer headache."

Nurse in Action: Dealing With Noncompliant Patient, "Cherubs on My Coffin!"

by spotangel, BSN, MSN, DNP, RN, APRN, NP

Hypertensive, non-compliant patient with multiple ER visits and multiple no shows in the clinic. How can we deal with this non-compliant patient?
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Student Success: The Moment The Light Went On For You

The “Light Bulb Moment”

by GrumpyOldBastard, RN

That is a phrase that many faculty use to describe the moment when a student understands what nursing is and what the role of the nurse really is. Once a student understands this… everything else will fall into place for them. Do you remember the moment that the light went on for you?
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Nurse In Action: Patient says, "I'm feeling dizzy."

Nurse in Action: Scared Patient, "The World is Spinning!"

by spotangel, BSN, MSN, DNP, RN, APRN, NP

Seven ED visits in three months! Dizzy, nausea, sweaty, frequent falls, worried patient who is deaf and mute. How do we get to the root of the problem?
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I crammed too much knowledge.

What Happens When You Visit allnurses.com? 

by Joe V

🤓 Let's have some fun! We are looking for short funny captions as to what happens when you visit allnurses.com? You supply the caption. We create the image.
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I'm sick of the rudeness!

😤 So Sick Of Rudeness At Work

by missnursingstudent19

Coworker helping me change ostomy which I don’t have much experience with. I was hesitating to stick on the pouch because I knew it had to go on a certain way but wasn’t sure how. "Just stick it on!" So I stick it on. "OMG be careful, it has to go on a certain way!!" There's more...
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Knowledge Is power: What is 'wet brain'?

Knowledge Brush-Up: Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome

by J.Adderton, BSN, MSN

I was recently assigned a patient diagnosed with Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome and discovered I needed a mini refresher on the condition. Read on to find out what I learned about this potentially fatal condition.
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What happens when you visit allnurses? 'You pass the NCLEX!'

You Can Pass The NCLEX!

The best way to pass the NCLEX is to prepare for the unexpected. The allnurses® NCLEX Study Guide teaches you HOW to study for the NCLEX. It breaks down each section so you know what to expect.

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