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Today is January 12, 2022. Editor's Picks... War On Nurses; CDC Rule; New Year Resolution; Slipping Into Depression; Nurse Becomes Patient; Online Admissions Interview; Surviving Retirement; Boobs and Christmas Cheers.

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The Pandemic Has More Casualties Than Just Patients

War on Nurses

There is a new war raging and it is not Covid. Although the pandemic precipitated our current crisis, the battlefront has now reached our nursing staff.
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Hmm, I'm guessing your New Year's resolution is to eat less junk food.

😳 What will be your New Year resolution?

Are you thinking about any New Year resolution? What happened with last year's resolution? Did you stick to it?
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What do you think? New CDC Rule Lowering Isolation Time

Nurses Oppose New CDC Rule Lowering Isolation Time for COVID-Positive Nurses

"It may be good for businesses’ bottom lines to push their employees back to work faster, but it will put nurses, other workers, and the public at greater risk of contracting and spreading the COVID-19 virus." What Do You Think?
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I Fell Like I'm Slipping Into Depression

New Grad through COVID

I can't stop crying when I am not at work. I feel like COVID has broken me. I see all of my patients faces and think about their families.
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Memorable Patient Experience On Christmas

All I Want for Christmas Are Boobs

She had lost her fiancé, her job, her home, and her health and yet here she was, bubbling over with joy... 
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Our Patients Are Talking To Us. Are we listening?

When the Nurse Becomes the Patient

After four visits to the ER in less than a month, I found myself wondering if I was a "good patient," and whether I'd been too quick to judge my own frequent flyers in the past. What I learned?
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How To Prepare For Online Admissions Interview?

How to Prepare for Your School Admissions Interview

This article explains what you can do to prepare yourself for a successful Zoom/online admissions interview.
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What can we do about burnout?

Addressing the Nursing Burnout Crisis

Nurses are leaving the profession faster than they can join it. We must do something to stop it before it becomes too late.
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How do you survive retirement?

Fear of Retirement!

I'm retiring at the end of January. I'm 65 now and just running out of steam. Any advice?
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Share Your Christmas Miracles

Christmas Miracles in the Emergency Room!

Sometimes some interactions makes us pause and reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas.
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