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Today is January 5, 2022. Editor's Picks... Sexual Abuse; 😳 Double Talk Is BS; ICU Tips; Paying Off Loans; Strategies For New Nurse; Nerve-Wracking Christmas; Career Defining Moment; Work Family; and more

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Sexual Abuse: A Childhood Experience Changed Me Forever

The Flower and the Bees!

Every experience in our lives shapes us in our professional and personal lives.
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All This Fluff, Double Talk In Nursing Is BS

😳 Gobbledygook In Nursing

I prefer plain speak. Health care is absolutely rife with double talk (gobbledygook). Does anyone really believe this nonsense? Are we being disingenuous or adding an extra layer of confusion with all of this?
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'Before I go... The money to pay off your student loans is hidden in the ...' - Beeeeeep

Paying Off Student Loans - Happy New Year!

What's the best way to pay off your student loan? How do you do it?
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10 Tips For The New ICU Nurse

New Nurses: How to Rock Your ICU Assignment Like a Boss

New to the world of ICU Nursing and slightly intimidated? Here are some tips I’ve learned so far in my six years at the bedside.
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Are you ready to turn over a new leaf in the New Year?

New Year New Nurse: Four Strategies for Turning Over a New Leaf

This article discusses strategies for staying mentally healthy as we care for our patients.
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How would you evaluate suicide risk by phone?

Holiday Patient Enigma

I was "on-call" for emergencies and was covering a suicidal patient named John. His girlfriend called saying she was worried but John...
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What defining moment changed your nursing career?

The Nursing Experience: Defining Moments That Change Us

Powerful experiences in nursing can change our careers for the better or drive us out completely. We have to advocate for ourselves if we want to change the profession for current and future nurses.
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How do you improve your holidays?

Mental RX for Nurses (for those who have to work the holidays)

Being a nurse, you have put aside your own holiday stress to care for patients. Here are four strategies to make your holidays better.
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Christmas: A Day To Celebrate

My Thoughts on Christmas

All births are special, but one centuries ago more than any other. It was the birth of a baby sent to redeem the world.
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Creating Memories With Your Work Family

Holidays at Work

This article provides ideas for nursing staff who are working this Holiday season.
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