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Gap Between NCLEX and Job - Help!

I am in desperate need of your professional advice. I graduated from nursing school in 2014 with a BSN. I left for Europe and returned, then passed my boards, first try, almost one year later.

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PASSED - 2017 ANCC AGANCP comprehensive exam!!

I wanted to share my experience as I scoured this blog in the months prior to choosing the ANCC exam and leading up to my exam. I found the entire process to be confusing and frustrating from which test to choose to how to properly prepare for that exam.

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Participant Recruitment: How do I access a list of registered nurses?

When I embarked on my PhD journey, I had many grandiose ideas on where to go and what to do with my research study.

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Drawing Pharmacology Video 2 of 7

In this second video, I show how to visually represent drugs near each other and with mnemonics in the musculoskeletal system to make it easier to remember.

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Failing CRNA School

Are you worried about starting CRNA school and failing out? You spend so much time jumping through hoops to make it into CRNA school so how can you guarantee you don't just flunk out and never achieve your dream career?

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How Not to Study

After 7 years of nursing education between my BSN and MSN, I have learned a few tricks along the way and love to share with fellow nurses and nursing students.

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