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Nursing School Survey for Students

Are you searching for a nursing school? Are you currently enrolled in a nursing program? Please share with us the factors you think are important to consider when involved in the nursing school hunt.

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NCLEX Resource Review - Kaplan, Hurst, UWorld

I just finished Nursing School in July so I understand the confusion on how and what to study. Along with my anxiety ridden journey here's what I found. I hope it helps someone!

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2017 Nursing Student Study Tips Contest

It’s Back to School time for nursing students. We know that nursing school is very challenging for many. One of the biggest challenges is learning how to make the most of your time and developing excellent study habits.

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MSN in nursing for people with different bachelors good deal?

I am looking at Western University of health science entry level Masters and wanted to get your opinions on whether it is worth it or just go the ABSN route. For their program it is 3 years and you get your bsn and then it is required you work in a hospital for a certain number of hours to get your msn.

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Studying tips for students

Tip #1) Find out what works best for you! My most favourite method was making large colourful posters! This was great in literally all classes. In A&P I would make a poster for each system we were studying.

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How do I transition to a BSN/MSN

I am about to graduate with my ADN in December and wanted to know a little more about how I should go about furthering my education.

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