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Passed the NCLEX on 4th try March 2017

Don't ever give up. Keep working hard towards your goals, believe in yourself, and you will eventually get there.

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Dealing with faeces?

This is a question that has probably been asked before, but i still really need an answer (and reassurance.) Yesterday during my clinical, i had the "honour" of participating in my first so called "stool party."

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Registered Nurse Sponsorship F1 Student/OPT or F2 Visa

Seeking applicants on F1-visa OPT beginning this summer or F1 Dependent (F2) visa to join our green card sponsorship program. We will place you in a U.S. hospital for a contracted period of time at no expense to you.
Qualifications: BSN NCLEX-RN passed or ready for test.
Necessary Requirements: Post-graduation 12 month OPT or 2 years of experience
Preferred Candidate: NCLEX passed with bedside experience
Specialty: Various
We pay all legal and processing fees

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Tips for Memorizing Pharmacology - Antidysrhythmics

Are you a nurse or student who is having a hard time remembering pharmacology? In this video I will share some helpful study hacks and memorization tricks related to Cardiac Antidysrhythmics.

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Heparin: to pinch or stretch?

I'm a senior nursing student and an LPN of 8 years (worked in offices and clinics). I have a question about subq heparin that has been driving me crazy.

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Anyone drop their BSN program for an ADN program?

I have an 86% in foundations and an 87% in assessment, but my clinical class and patho are kicking my rear. I can't imagine two years of this. I miss my husband, my cat, my sleep, and I don't want to ruin my marriage (my LIFE) over two years of this.

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Help: I failed out of nursing school

I began nursing school fresh out of high school. I believed nursing would allow me to do what I have always wanted, and that was to help as many people as possible.

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