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Struggling to pass hesi exit or NCLEX? Here is some helpful information

Frustrated and Stressed over HESI EXIT and NCLEX? please read- well worth your time... I struggled with these exams, but I passed with a 1090! Here is how you can too!

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Going back to Nursing School - Fearful of failing again

I am considering going back to school to become an RN. I went into nursing school right out of high school, but I don't think I was as prepared as I feel like I am now at 30.

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Communicating with the Elderly: 8 Tips to Improve the Conversation

No matter where you work, you are likely to encounter elderly patients and residents every day. They require a different approach and communication style from younger clients.

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I quit nursing in my second year, feeling really bad, expressing my thoughts...

I am male student who was studying nursing in Europe, I quit and i really feel very bad at the moment because i really enjoy helping people.

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I need help with A&P2

I'm not acing my a&p class, at this point i am failling miserably i need help. Any advice?

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Is my textbook wrong?

I am in Mental Health. The textbook says "Empathy means that you remain emotionally separate from the other person, even though you can see the patient's viewpoint clearly.

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