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Don't Risk Your Job Over Social Media

It's so easy to post anything on social media and to believe you're in a safe bubble with just you and your friends. But you're not.

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Opioid Epidemic - EDs Fight Back!

The opioid crisis in the US! We have all heard about it. How are we addressing it? The Emergency Nursing Conference being held September 13-16 in St Louis will offer sessions addressing this issue.

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Being Deposed - Help!

Hello Nurse Beth, I once worked in a nursing home 3 years ago, where a dementia patient suffered a severe fall injury (fractured neck) in the bathroom, in spite of all fall precautions in place.

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Wimpy Male Nurse

While some may prefer to call it being overly sensitive, others don't mince words... Here's a bit of comic relief...

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How To Recover From Near Rock Bottom...

I'm in a career slump. I have a history of adult critical care for 10 years, and had a chance to switch to peds critical care a couple of years ago.

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Integrated Monitoring Module for L and D

Fetal monitoring is an integral part of the L&D unit. GE has developed a new module that captures more information and improving care.

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