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Are You As Young As You Feel?

What if I could share with you something that would keep you alive longer and healthier, wouldn’t cost a dime and would give you an edge over your peers. Would you be interested?

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Infected: The Fast Spreading Virus of Low Nursing Morale

We’ve all seen it. Unhappiness among those at the frontline can begin with a few small grumbles among close peers. Fast forward a few weeks and without any support, intervention, or remedy from leadership this fast moving virus can overtake even the most efficient of units.

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A More Flexible RN to BSN.

At the Rasmussen College School of Nursing, we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice a quality education to afford your BSN. That’s why we offer an online RN to BSN program for under $7,800 total a year. We help you transfer in your previous degree, and you can even finish some courses at your own pace.1 Take the next step in your nursing education. Learn more here.

1Annual cost for the RN to BSN entrance option is under $7,800 total per year for students who complete it in approximately 24 months.

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Nightshift -days off

I have been a nightshift nurse for about 2 years now. I easily adjusted to nights within my first week of switching and have never felt fatigued on nights. For my first year I had the best of both worlds.

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5 Tips to Halt Nurse Burnout in Its Tracks

As nurses, we know that nurse burnout pervades the profession. Insufficient staffing, long work hours, phone calls to come in to work on your days off, and a growing nursing shortage all contribute to nurse burnout.

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Epinephrine error

Recently I witnessed a medication error with epinephrine, the patient was a 26 year old female, written for 0.5mg of epinephrine sq due to a allergic reaction to a medication, PT had hives/facial swelling.

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