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NTI - If Florence Could See Us Now: Kathy Douglas, RN Interview

The Pioneering Spirit Award recognizes significant contributions that influence acute and critical care nursing.

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How to deal with a bully patient?

Recently we had a patient who was a bully. He got to do things that other patients weren't allowed to do. Many of the nurses were scared of him and just let him be. He basically ruled the floor.

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I Broke Rule #1

When an intubated patient gets wild in CT, I forget rule # 1 and learn a valuable lesson.

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Doctor's lying about telephone order

I an very upset, mad, devastated, anxious and depressed. I received a TORB from a doctor for 10 mg or medication to be given once. 4 days later patient developed EPS (which is kind of strange because EPS would develop on second day not after 4 days.)

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What would you think if you saw this patient?

Just curious to know what other nurses think. To me it sounds obvious, but maybe I'm missing something...

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Basic guidelines on how to become an RN in the states

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