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What 5 Innovative Minds Can Do!

Check out this group of extraordinary nurses and what they were able to do for a very specific patient population when they put their innovative minds together!

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Wellness Works if YOU Work It!

And where would we be without WELLNESS? It used to be just a buzz word, but now it is a life and death thing. If we are not well, we can’t survive and thrive.

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Medical Malpractice Insurance is More Affordable Than You Think

Will your employer truly stand behind you in the unfortunate event of a medical malpractice lawsuit? For as little as $81.00/month you could have $500,000 in protection. You wouldn't drive your car without insurance, your livelihood shouldn't be any different.

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Long Hours and Double Shifts: Knowing the Risks

Healthcare professionals are infamous for working 12-hour shifts, night shifts, and even double shifts. For many, 12-hour shifts and night shifts simply come with the territory, and double shifts are part of their ingrained responsibility to patients.

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When You Can’t Stop Thinking About Work

No matter how hard you try, there will be times when a nurse just can’t stop thinking about work. We’ve all taken that ride or drive home and replayed our entire shift, or last several shifts, in our heads.

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Running into former patients

I have worked in a Medsurg unit for over a year in a big city (Bay Area, CA). I would never expect to run into a former patient that has been discharged recently.

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Nurses Notes - A Thing of the Past?

Are nurse notes becoming a thing of the past? My hospital has just informed all nursing staff that we should not be writing any nurse narrative notes.

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