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What Do You Love About Nursing?

I am going to be starting the nursing program in January. I recently had an orientation at my school, which seemed (to me) to be devoted exclusively to informing us how difficult the program would be, and how we would have no life, and how we would suffer tremendously, etc.

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2016 Fall Article Contest Top 10 - You Pick 4 Winners

The 2016 Fall Nursing Article Contest has come to a close. It's time now for you, the readers to vote for the top 4 winning articles. It's up to you now. Who will you select?

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Yacker Tracker

So they just put one of these things on our unit. It's like a stoplight that goes yellow to red when there is too much noise. We are a small NICU unit. Seriously?

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Questions Patients Ask About Medications?

Prescription drugs are important for a patients visit. Nurses also have an obligation to ensure they are informing their patients as adequately as possible. What are some probing questions that should be asked?

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Second-Career 50-ish RN working LTAC - Anxious about searching for new job

I am a second-career RN, 50-ish, about 18 months into my first job. When I graduated, I thought I was poised for success. I was on honor roll, had letters of recommendation, was a strong interview, and great with clinical questions.

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From the other side...nurses as patients

had the unfortunate opportunity of being rushed to the ED during my shift last week. And then I was admitted overnight in my own hospital! As awkward as it was knowing almost all involved in my care on a professional/personal level, I learned a lot.

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Nursing Jobs

RN Hospice Nurse PRN Level 2, GA
Registered Nurse * Emergency - Specialty Qualified, BC
Nurse Practitioner, SD
RN, General Surgery ICU, GA

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