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allnurses.com Reaches Epic Milestone - 1,000,000 Registered Members!!

We thank you, the allnurses members, who over the years have helped us to become the largest online nursing community where nurses and nursing students from around the world can network with one another and share their knowledge and experiences.

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Nurses: It’s Time For Your 2017 Money Checkup!

Looking to meet or exceed your financial goals for 2017? Here are some techniques and websites to help you budget and manage your money in 2017!

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A More Flexible RN to BSN.

Save thousands on your RN to BSN with Flex Choice®, a learning option that allows you to save money and graduate sooner by taking optional self-directed assessments. Elevate your nursing skills through our fully online, CCNE-accredited program that features curriculum focused on Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) concepts that emphasize patient-centered care, evidence-based practice, safety and informatics, and quality improvement. Learn more here.

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Documentation: Your First Line of Defense against Malpractice Claims

What medications did you administer a week ago? What were the doses? How about a month ago, four months ago, a year ago? How much can you remember? Your career may depend on it.

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Breaking Bad News: What's A Nurse to Do?

As a nurse, it’s important to master skills to deliver bad news, no matter how hard it is. Mastering these skills will give you the confidence and empathy patients and families need.

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Confessions of a Hospital Administrator: It's Not a Problem Until it Blows Up Big

When a hospital gets into a labor dispute with its nurses, it has failed well ahead of the negotiations.

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Love: The Art of Caring for Terminally Ill Babies

A hospice and palliative care nurse shares her experiences on caring for pediatric patients-- both in the acute care environment and hospice environment, and the different options for parents, including termination in pregnancy, continuing the pregnancy with comfort care only, or full medical interventions, and the need to .

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Panic attacks following never event

I really need help. I am a nurse working in an intensive care unit with 9years nursing experience and approximately four months ago I was involved in a never event at work.

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RN Manager Operating Room, MN
RN Med/Surg/SCU, MN
RN - Couplet Care - Full Time, TX
RN, Complex Med Surg, GA
Registered Nurse - Emergency Department, NY

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