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"How much do any of us really see the people we talk to, sit by, or care for?" - CountryMomma
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September 3 - 9 Hottest Topics

Any tips for "spasmy" veins? Also, PIVs on chemo pts?

I've had sticks where I get zero return, even though I KNOW I'm in the vein, and sure enough, a few seconds after I finally withdraw, it'll start bleeding like I was IN the vein. (GAH!!) Any tips to prevent this so the pt doesn't feel like a pincushion? Also, any tips for patients on chemo? I do a PIV for fluids and...
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Too much stuff behind ID badge!!

Does your employer require you to have placards behind your ID badge? Including my ID, we have to keep 9 things on our clips including a mission and values card. Why, oh why, so much stuff?
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[Vote] Do you ever wonder what it would be like to meet or speak to other members of allnurses?

Yes, I have wondered this before.
Yes, and I have met or spoke to another member.
No, I prefer to keep it strictly anonymous.
No way! Are you crazy?!?
I've never thought about it.
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Losing patience with residents

How do you deal with residents who test your limits? I've only been a nurse one month and I feel like I want to scream.
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Have any of you ever been stuck by a needle and not felt it?

Possible needlestick--help me calm my fears. I was attempting an IV on a hepatitis c+ patient a couple of days ago at work. I had on gloves the entire time. After I left the room and washed my hands I noticed a small pink bump on my palm that looked almost like a small prick. 
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New Survey Says Nurses Are Bullish on the Industry Outlook and Encourage People to Enter the Field

A survey from allnurses, the largest online networking and support site for nurses, reveals that the majority of nurses (74 percent) think the job outlook for the nursing industry is positive. Nearly three quarters of respondents (72 percent) would recommend that a person go into the nursing field, and the overwhelming majority (82 percent) believe that the nursing industry has a positive perception in society today. 
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Reasonable RN Pay in Pediatrician's Office

I interviewed for a job yesterday at a really nice Pediatrician's office. They only offered me $16 an hour! The physician said "Our highest paid nurse (LPN's) are paid $16 an hour. I reminded the physician that I was an RN.  I am unsure how to negotiate the pay rate. How do I go about doing this? I want at least $20 an hour. 
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[Toon] Kodak Moments - Just When You Think You've Seen it All

As nurses, we deal with all sorts of sights..... After awhile, there is little that surprises. But, occasionally we get some real surprises. What are some of the Kodak moments you have seen?
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Men in the (nursing) field

Men: How are you guys treated in a field that's predominantly run by females?
Ladies: Do you consider men an asset? Do you think it's a good thing that more men are joining the field?
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ANA petitions Feds for 1.1 million more RN's within 8 yrs.

Anyone read the ANA Smartbrief this morning?  They cite US BLS forecasts for a shortage of nurses, and recommend to spend more money (over $500 million more) to increase nursing school programs to meet the projected shortage.
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