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"Gone are the days when nurses were thought of as little more than helpers or assistants ... Today’s nurses are healthcare professionals..." - tnbutterfly
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August 13 - August 19 Hottest Topics

Do you chart lies?

Does anyone else find themselves taciturnly encouraged by their organization to chart lies, or to put it another way, to enter fictitious information into flowsheets? Of course the organization would never want you to come out and say you are doing this, nor would they or you want to think of your little data entries in the flowsheets as not being truthful.
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Why can't we tell patients/families we're understaffed?

OK, OK, I know why. But mgmt is SO ADAMANT about us never speaking to patients about staffing, it makes me feel as if they're protecting themselves from something. A bad reputation in the community, perhaps? Just want to hear your opinions.
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So I married a mysophobic...

My husband is scared of germs. At the gas station, he eyes the credit card machine with rancor. At the grocery store, he digs for fruit buried on the bottom. I perform a not-so-sexy strip tease after every shift, removing my bacteria-laden scrubs. I started thinking about a recent trip to the gas station...
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The grayness of nursing...

Does the gray area that exists in nursing bug any of you all? I tend to be a black and white person. People will say "use your nursing judgment" but I am more of a policies and procedures type of person. I am currently working urgent care and wonder if something a little more black and white would suit me better? Are there any nurses out there that are like me? Where do you work?
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Are all these certifications worth it?

I recently transferred to the Emergency room for a Cardiac Stepdown unit. While working on the Cardiac unit I tested for the PCCN and CHFN certifications. I am now working toward testing for the CEN. My question is since I am now in a different department is it worth the time/effort/$$$ to get CEs in all areas to keep up the certifications?
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What does your manager do for you?

Just got a new manager position -- What does your manager do that makes a difference in your lives? What do they do to help? What do they do that brightens your day? It's important to me to make my nurses feel respected and feel that they are making a difference. Feedback appreciated...
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I've been a nurse since.....(fill in the blank)

I've been a nurse since before there was an internet. Before AIDS. Before Elvis died.

How 'bout you?
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[Toon] What do YOU do with your old scrubs?

The print ones can easily be worn shopping, do lawn work, maybe do grocery shopping. However, what in the world do you do with those smiley face scrubs that were all the rage a few years ago, those Minnie Mouse sets you just couldn't live without, the cutesy scrubs that work at work but can't make it even at WalMart? Well....there's always the Goodwill donation center. What do you do with all your old scrubs?
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Please Share FloTrac Sensor Competency

Please Share FloTrac Sensor Competency- I like to look at different ones from different hospitals to development mine. thanks so much!
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Charting examples for doing IV infusion

I was wondering if anyone could give me an example of what or how I should chart when doing a vancomycin picc line infusion. I've been an LPN with home health for about 5 years now, primarily doing wound care. I just got a patient with daily vanco infusions X's 3 weeks and for what ever reason I'm struggling with what all I should chart.
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