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Stop the (Deskilling) Merry-Go-Round, I Want to Get OFF!

de·skill [dee-skil] verb (used with object) to remove any need of skill, judgment, or initiative in: jobs being deskilled by automation. Health care experiments in deskilling the work force seem to crop up about once a decade. How does it happen and what can we do?
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Can a nurse punch a patient in self-defense?

While hitting patients can certainly not be condoned, what do you think about acting in such a manner in self-defense? Have you ever been in a situation where you were the victim of bodily injury inflicted by a patient?
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Only in New York

I work in a busy emergency dept. in NYC. The atmosphere can get pretty intense, my colleagues and I try to use humor to lighten things up. One way we do this is by giving patients pet names. "Scratchy" a regular homeless patient, was one of the people for which this was true, until recently that is...
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Is bedside nursing really for me?

I love my patients, but is the stress really worth it. Is the Drama really what I want to deal with. Could I do this for the rest of my life?
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Psychological Issue Was More Serious Than Initially Suspected

How do you confront a close family member when you suddenly realize he has a serious psychological issue? I first noticed his extremely red, dry, and chapped hands …Must be from the dry air, I reasoned….Then, I noticed the frequency he washed his hands...4 to 5 times in 60 minutes. Hmmm, that seems a little excessive, right? It’s not like he was doing yard work or handling food. Why was he constantly washing his hands?
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Your best (or worst) exposure story

This PCA left a foley bag unclamped after he drained it. Flooding the room with urine! I walked into the room and was standing in a lake of urine. Got everything mopped up, Cavi wiped my shoes, come in the next day to see the patient on contact for...wait for it...
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Hospitals providing more time for nurses to spend with patients

Some hospitals are aiming to triple the amount of time nurses spend with patients. It is really sad when you think about it. All those years in school learning about taking care of patients, and we end up spending 84% of our time doing things other than direct patient care. What do you think of this idea? Will it work?
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[Toon] Who doesn't like a little dirt?

Ok now let's admit it, we all like a little bit of juicy gossip once in awhile. However, in the workplace it's not appropriate. What's the juiciest bit of gossip you have received? Did you pass it on or keep it to yourself? Have you ever been the subject of gossip?
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What's CVICU like, really?

I am looking to learn new things and expand my skills as a RN, so I have 2 CVICU interviews! I am excited, but I am also a little apprehensive about this patient population. Both of these units specify that their primary patient population is open hearts. I have some questions...
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LTC facility trying to fire me over refusing to take on 50 residents

An employee called out for the unit that is on the same floor as my unit. I get to work and management tells me that I have to take on both units ALL NIGHT! Both units contain 49 residents. They even threatened me that if I did not take the keys to other hall that they would report me to state for abandonment. Is this NOT crazy!!! I was NOT even scheduled to work that unit.
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