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Helping you become a better nurse. Issue 570: Apr 16, 2014


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Discuss US Politics. Not sure about a government policy or law? Not sure which candidate to vote for? Is ObamaCare for you? Want to discuss the latest Supreme Court case? This is the place to discuss anything about politics. It's open to Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Green Party, Libertarians - everyone!

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Apr 9 - Apr 15 Hottest Topics

End of Life and Difficult Discussions Part I

Palliative care, end of life discussions, invasive care talks - all of these are current topics for advanced practice nurses (APNs). This is the first in a series of articles about how we, as APNs can deal with these hard topics. I would also like to solicit your opinions on this subject. We all have different practice situations, but in the end, we all have the same goal - to provide excellent care to our patients. Read More

(Not so) Daily Affirmations

In the crappy world of nursing, it's very easy to let people steal your joy and convince you that you're a horrible nurse. I know...I'm there, actively looking outside of the NICU for work, since I can't stay on my unit any longer and no other local NICUs are hiring. Read More

[Toon] Student loans, ugh!

Student loans are a way of life for many of us. And...with the cost of an education rising every year, it often takes years to pay them off. How many years are you planning to take to pay off your student loans? Read More

Productivity Bonus

Are there any particular questions to ask a prospective employer regarding productivity bonus? I'm excited that this is even a possibility as this is the first time it has ever been discussed! Bonus would be offered annually after I can "break even." Read More

OR nurse to ICU?

I began thinking that maybe I would try the ICU! I know it would be tough and a huge learning curve especially since it's been a really long time since I have been exposed to meds and stuff. I was wondering if anyone knew of an OR nurse that came to the ICU. And also what kind of orientation process is given to nurses without ICU experience? Read More

Mental Illness Can Be Terminal

In light of the much publicized 20th anniversary of the suicide of rock star Kurt Cobain, increased media coverage of bullying-related suicides and my own recent personal struggles, I thought I'd present some common myths and facts about suicide. There is a huge social stigma related to mental illness, so much that many who need help the most never get it. The more education we get and provide, the more needless deaths we can hopefully prevent. This is by no means comprehensive, I intended to keep it as concise as possible. Read More

How do you tell a nurse recruiter you're not interested in a specific floor?

How do you tell a nurse recruiter you're not interested in a specific floor, without sounding rude or offending them? I'd still like to work at this hospital, but I know that the floor that the nurse recruiter wants me to interview for is the worst floor in the hospital. Read More

EKG Competency fail

I am an ICU nurse and we hold mandatory competencies annually. One component is an EKG test. It is the typical test with identifying the rhythm. I have taken countless of these tests in all my years and never had a problem. Well…this past year I failed along with 55% of the nurses on my floor. Read More

Rehabilitation Nursing: Functional Independence Measure (FIM)

The Functional Independence Measure (also known as the FIM instrument) consists of 18 components and is utilized in rehabilitation hospitals around the world for the healthcare team to record the true extent of patient disability in the rehabilitative setting. Read More

Can you explain GABAs role in alcohol withdrawal?

I have been an RN for about a year and a half. Recently transferred to an ICU and have been researching after work everyday to learn more about the cases I saw that day and gain better idea of patho and improve critical thinking skills. Recently had a patient going through DTs. While I know the usual treatment and things to look for...still trying get a grasp on the cause. Can you explain the effect of GABA and what it does during alcohol withdrawal? Read More

Describe your 10/10 pain. Piggybacking off of recent pain discussions.

I know everyone reacts differently to pain, but when someone says their finger pain is 10/10, while sitting upright calmly in bed, it makes me wonder. But then again, I am not someone used to pain. Do you think people misunderstand the pain scale? Do you think the 10/10 is over used? Read More

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