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Helping you become a better nurse. Issue 569: Apr 9, 2014


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Apr 2 - Apr 8 Hottest Topics

Deployed Army Nursing: 101 Things I Learned While Deployed

As many of you know, I recently spent nine months in Afghanistan. For those of you who don't know, I'm an Army nurse in the ER specialty category. I deployed with a Forward Surgical Team (FST) as the ER nurse, in charge of the Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) section (essentially the ER of the FST). It was a great learning experience, and I had the privilege of serving with a fabulous team. While our living conditions were not great (okay, they were pretty bad), they could have been much worse! So here is a collection of things I knew, things I learned, and things I "woulda/coulda/shoulda" and "did" for deployment. Not sure if I'll really get to 101, but we'll see. Read More

What do you think of fibromyalgia?

What do my colleagues here think of fibromyalgia? It's sufferers seem to mainly women. I'm very skeptical about it. Is it a psychological disorder? I don't mean to dis anyone here, please forgive me, but every patient I've ever taken care of with this disorder strikes me as neurotic. Since there is no actual lab test the definitively confirms the diagnosis, I remain suspicious regarding this disorder. What do you know about this condition? Read More

[Toon] Sense of Entitlement

We've all seen them......the people who think they should always come first, no matter what the circumstances. In the healthcare environment, we cannot always address the needs of patients in the order of occurrence. Contrary to popular belief, the squeaky wheel cannot always get fixed first. Tell us some of your stories about patients and their sense of entitlement. Read More

Nurse Practitioners Modernization Act...

I was reading headlines stating that NP's now have independent practice. I have read through the article and it states that the APRN has to have an agreement even after the 36 months with a physician. What am I missing? How is this independent practice? Read More

Prioritizing infusions

Let's say you have a patient with a wound MRSA infection who also has low platelets(7). You have one hour left in your shift. Platelets are ready but if you hang them, antibiotic will be late. Pt only has one peripheral and is a difficult stick refusing further access attempts. Which do you hang? Two of my experienced coworkers disagree. Read More

Is Online Learning Appropriate For You?

Online learning requires an explicit repertoire of skills, savvy, perseverance and capabilities to succeed. Many learners certainly have what it takes to thrive in a distance-based learning environment, whereas other students would be better off in a physical classroom or lecture hall that permits regular face-to-face encounters with course instructors. Now that we've established that not all learners will prosper in a distance-based format, please take a moment to honestly answer the following questions to assist in determining whether online learning is appropriate for you. Read More

ANCC certification questions regarding policy, leadership, etc.

Does anyone have any advice on how/ where to study for the ethical, policy, leadership, research portions of ANCC exam. Does anyone have a specific book or website that they recommend? This seems to be a big topic and an area where people are not sure on the direction to go! Read More

What is your degree in other than nursing?

For all the ladies and gentleman who are in an accelerated program or who was in the accelerated what was your degree in before nursing? Read More

Affordable Online RN-to-BSN Programs

For a myriad of reasons, many nurses who are educated at the diploma or associate degree level are wanting to return to school to earn a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree. For instance, managerial personnel at numerous acute care hospitals across the US are requiring currently-employed nurses to earn the BSN degree within a certain time frame. Conversely, nurses who do not comply with this requirement are faced with the very real risk of demotion or outright termination of employment. Read More

Are LPN's going to be phased back into the hospital settings?

My hospital in Winston Salem, NC have started to hire LPN's again on a couple of floors after phasing all of them out a few years ago. They are also doing a trial run on a unit that has 1 RN, 1 LPN, and 2 CNA's for 12 patients. When other floors currently have 2 RN's and 2 CNA's. It makes since in a lot of ways and it will also be great for me as I will finish my LPN soon. Just want your thoughts and story's in your area of the current situation for LPNs making their way bake into the hospital. Read More

Malpractice insurance

Do you carry your own malpractice insurance even if covered by your employer? Any recommendations for companies? Right now I am looking at NSO and Mercer Proliability who partners with organizations I am a member of. Read More

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