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What Inspired You to Become a Nurse?

My name is Samuel 34 and I am a nurse. I have my BSc in Nursing from Ebonyi State University Abakaliki. I am the 17th child and the only graduate of the 18 children of my father from five different women.

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When Your Preceptee is a Know-it-All

What do you do when you are a preceptor and your preceptee is a Know-it-All? Here's some insights to help you and your preceptee.

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I’m a new graduate working for a month and have had 3 incident reports made about me

I started working as a RN a month ago and I’m worried that I’m not doing a good job. Last week I got called into the num’s office to do discuss two incidents that occurred a couple of weeks ago.

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MNA and Nurses Respond to the Killing of George Floyd by Police

I Can't Breathe! As a nurse, what is your first reaction as you hear those words?

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Pearson Vue Trick 2020 - Good pop-up?

I took my NCLEX-RN yesterday morning 5/30. At first I was relieved when I was stopped at 60 questions, but then once I got to my car I was filled with dread and doubt. I felt like I had guessed on all but 3-4 questions.

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Will Protests Lead to More COVID Surges?

Is anybody else seriously concerned that we might see a large surge in covid cases following all of these protests? Last week, people were yelling on the TV about how irresponsible it was to begin Phases I/II and let people gather in groups of 10.

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IPad Mini for clinicals?

Is there any use of an IPad Mini during clinicals? I'm just curious if this type of device is even allowed on the floor or do people use their phones to look up information, etc?

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Riots in Minneapolis

I fully sympathize with the situation in Minneapolis and the death of George Floyd. I believe in due process, but after seeing the video I was sickened by the police officer's actions. He did not need to have his knee of the neck of a man who was handcuffed and held down by two other officers.

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