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What were the Top Nursing Student Topics of 2018?

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Older Student, Unprofessional Nurse During Clinical

After many, many years (20!) of "thinking about it", I finally decided at age 45 to go back to school for nursing.

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How to Identify and Respond to Bullying and Incivility

Workplace bullying is often described as aggressive behaviors that may include: alienating, intimating, public humiliation or sabotaging, and are usually perpetrated by someone in a higher level of authority.

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Pearson Vue Trick RN

Wondering if anyone has gotten a good pop up, but failed? Took NCLEX-RN today, Feb 7th, 2018 at 3 pm. I'm going to pay for the quick release. But I'm very anxious.

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I took my NCLEX exam today (June 19, 2018 at 8am). I had 94 q's, a lot of SATA and Leadership q's.

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Nurse Corps Scholarship 2018-2019

I'm planning to apply for the HRSA NurseCorp Scholarship this year. I figured I would go ahead and start the next thread for this award year.

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