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Are You Doing it Right? Taking Accurate BPs

Taking a blood pressure (BP) measurement.... It’s one of the very first hands-on tasks learned in nursing school. Easy enough, right?

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Endotracheal tube: Parts, types and functions

Endotracheal tube (ETT) is a flexible plastic tube, usually made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), that is passed into trachea through the mouth (oral) or nose (nasal) to establish a patent airway and ensure adequate gaseous exchange or ventilation.

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AANP-AGNP Exam prep

Nurse Practitioner students need encouragement and confidence when going into certification exams.

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NSNA 2018 Annual Conference - Nashville, TN

Get ahead of your peers by attending the National Student Nurses' Association: Get Hooked! Insight, Inspiration, Ingenuity 66th Annual Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Nursing school so depressed!

I am a first year nursing student and so far it has been just overwhelming. I have been studying my butt off and even bought a fundamentals book from Davis to help me with my test taking and so far not so good.

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Auscultating Heart Sounds - APE To Man

Nursing study aid for students and current nurses to remember the order in which to auscultate heart sounds.

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