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Newbie Grad Nurse

My name is Alex and I am a new grad. Some of you may know me from Instagram as (@alexx_xox). If you don't know who I am, take a moment to check out my content on my Instagram.

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No Experience but Can't Get into Residency Program

Dear Nurse Beth, Good evening, I graduated from an ADN Program in May of 2016 and I passed my boards October 2016. During that time I was still working asa LVN, but I was applying to multiple residency programs here in the DFW area.

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My First Day at the Neuro ICU

I work in a Neuro ICU. It is a brand new facility that has opened only a year ago. It is much more progressive than most other hospitals I've worked in.

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advice on failing a class

i failed my peds/ob rotation by 0.1 point. i have my LPN and this is the first time i ever failed a class. i did try but i think my study habits in the beginning were bad.

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For those of you working nights

Hi guys, I've recently been hired as a Nurse Tech at a large 1100 bed hospital into a Neuro-Trauma SICU. It will be part time nights and I am enrolled in a BSN program as a full time student.

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7 Employment Opportunities for Nursing Students

This post focuses on 7 different Part-Time & Per-Diem jobs available for nursing students wanting to get some added experience during their RN program.

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