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I Make Less Than a Brand New Nurse, Why?

Dear Nurse Beth, I am a nurse of 15+ years, have my MSN (CNL), and for whatever reason, I make significantly less than most nurses in my area with same or fewer years of experience, same or less education, and I've had many certifications.

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Who is in Charge Here?

An angry patient with dementia on an acute psychiatric unit confronts me. Another nurse effectively redirects him. Then, we play cards.

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Seasoned Nurses - This one is for you

Seasoned nurses are special, not only because of the knowledge they possess and the skills they have mastered, but also for the many changes and advances in medical technology they have seen over the years.

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Prognosis HOPE: My Traumatic Brain Injury: Part 3

This three-part series takes you through my devastating diagnosis of a TBI and how it lead to my nursing career and ultimately a prognosis of hope.

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Charge Nurse in 6 months?

I started working in a busy ED in NY 6 months ago. This is my first job in acute care. This unit has a very high turnover rate & I still feel pretty new and just starting to get comfortable.

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Social Media and Patient Care: Understanding the Rules

You receive a Facebook Friend Request from a patient's wife. Should you accept it? If you've ever dealt with this or other social media situations, learn a few tips and the reasons behind them here.

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Pain Management and the Opioid Crisis

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