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allnurses Safe Nurse Staffing T-shirt: Order Today & Show Your Support

Nurses have been dealing with short-staffing for years. We've seen the effects. It's time to do something about it NOW. Show your support for safer staffing...

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allnurses Magazine: New Quarterly Publication For Nurses

The allnurses Magazine is a free publication with a strong emphasis on Empowering, Uniting, and Advancing nurses.

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What are you doing this Nurse’s Week?

We want to touch base quickly to introduce you to a dear colleague, Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN. Elizabeth is a nurse in Maryland who puts on this GREAT program during Nurse’s Week!

This month Elizabeth has opened up the individual ticket registration to the annual Art of Nursing program. You can celebrate Nurse’s Week with all of us during The Art of Nursing program.

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Behavioral Interviews Explained: Tips and Tricks

If you haven't interviewed in a few years, you may find that the questions have changed. Long gone are the days of simply talking about your likes and dislikes.

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Get Linked: 6 Reasons Nurses Need a LinkedIn Profile

Everyone is on social media these days for social connection. But, what about for your profession? Should nurses be on LinkedIn? Yes!

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2018 Spring Nursing Article Contest - 3 Winners $200 Each!!

More than 150 inspiring articles were submitted for the Winter Article Contest. This might be a record. While we are busy reading and selecting the top ten for you to vote on, let's get started with the next contest.

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Inappropriate Conversations in the Workplace

While working in the emergency room, I have endured many conversations that range from issues in today's news to political standpoints.

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National Nurses Week Celebration

Join the celebration now by participating in fun nursing contests. You can win prizes valued up to $4,000! Click below to get instructions. One winner announced each day of Nurses Week. The 8th day is National Student Nurses Day. Thank you for all you do!!

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