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ER Nurse's "Funky Flu" Video Goes Viral

Katherine Lochler, an ER nurse in Florida posted a video on Facebook with her "After Work Thoughts". The video which has gone viral has created some controversy. What are your thoughts??

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New nurses without clear career goals

Do you think that new nurses who have no preference as far as where they want to work have an easier time wit being a new nurse?

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Healing Machete Wounds with Safety Nurse- Origin Story Pt 3

This article is part 3 of a 3-part series on the origin story of Safety Nurse. It describes treating a machete wound in rural Haiti, and how you can support nursing in Haiti.

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10 Tips for Resume Readiness

Healthcare can be unpredictable. You never know when you may have to look for a job that you never planned on getting. Keeping your resume in tip-top shape is important. Follow these 10 tips for resume readiness.

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A Pause at the Moment of Death: Your Thoughts

"The Pause" was initiated by a nurse in Charlottesville, Va. The author describes what it is and asks the reader for their thoughts on its impact.

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2018 Nursing Salary Survey

Not only are nursing jobs ranked high, but once again for the 16th year, nursing holds the top spot as the most trusted profession in the Gallup Poll. With all this favorable public recognition, are nurses getting paid what they should?

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