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My Sweet Daughter's Smile

Our family's journey through Mycoplasma pneumoniae-associated mucositis (MPAM). When our daughter developed this rare illness at age 9, my husband (a physician) and I (a critical care nurse) never dreamed of the challenges of being on the opposite side of the bed as a parent!

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Product Directory for Nurses and Nursing Students

allnurses is pleased to announce the latest addition to the site - a Product Directory specifically for Nurses and Students. This directory will help readers learn about new products as they read the overviews and peer reviews.

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9 Communication Tips for Nurses

Having effective communication skills can be just as important as your clinical skills. Challenge your communication skills with these 9 communication tips for nurses.

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Continuity of Care for the Fetal Cardiac Patient

The pediatric cardiac clinic has embraced a new type of patient: the fetal cardiac patient. This early diagnosis and planning has allowed for improved patient care and survival.

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Care for the Older Adult: ICU or Not?!

As our baby boomers continue to age, care for the older adult comes to the forefront of our healthcare system. And questions remain...

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Choosing a job/shift

I have a question to poll: I have 2 job offers (same hospital). One is in pediatrics (my love) on night shift, and the other is general medicine on day shift. Both full time.

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