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Today is December 6, 2023. Editor's Picks... 🤣 Share Your Stories; 🚑 Transport RN; NCLEX After 12 Years; Referral Bonuses; Parental Bill of Rights; ICU or ER; Back to Nursing; Ageism

Anyone with Transport experience?

🚑 Becoming a Transport RN?

I want to train to help transport patients to tertiary centers. Wondering if anyone here has experience doing this?

Want to take the NCLEX 12 years after graduating?

NCLEXRN After 12 Years

I graduated 12 years ago and have never practiced being a nurse. I've forgotten everything. I'm looking for tips, review programs, shared experiences, etc.

Curious how other places are doing.

Parental Bill of Rights

Is anyone making changes to their clinic practice due to the Parental Bill of Rights?

Should we share referral bonuses?

Splitting Referral Bonuses

Should we split our referral bonuses with referrer?

Patient Abandonment

I walked out during my orientation. Can I be charged with patient abandonment?

Need Advice To Get Back To Work

Haven't worked in 9 years.... advice?

I want to get back into the work force, at least part-time or PRN. My only experience has been med/surg/telemetry float pool.

Do new grads thrive in these environments?

ICU or ER?

I am a new grad with an offer in both the ICU and ER and am trying to decide where is best to start.

Which would you pick?

I am preparing for a career transition to become a nurse.

Can a second degree student apply for a Traditional BSN?

I have a Ph.D. in political science. Is enrolling in a traditional BSN program an option for a second degree student like me?

It smells of ageism in nursing/ healthcare.

Ageism in Nursing Employment

Why, after 30 years of knowledge gained as a  RN BSN, is it so difficult to be considered for even a part time or per diem position?

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Share your nursing stories...

🤣 Dodging The Mucus Bullet

Ducking at the right time, however, is a self-taught response. Can you relate? Has this happened to you?

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