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Five Ways to Reignite Your Passion For Nursing

Most of us go into nursing after feeling some sort of calling or passion for helping others. However, some workplace situations can leave us struggling with burnout and searching for our passion.

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Earn your FNP in 24 Months

We created the MSN – Family Nurse Practitioner program so that working nurses like you could enroll in an exceptional program that is flexible and budget-friendly. Tuition under $24,000. Pay only $375 per month. 8-week terms. CCNE-accredited.

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Forced Organ Donations from Living Donors???!!!!

Forced Organ Donations from Living Donors???!!!! Here in the US, there are long delays for organ transplants: for kidneys, its not unusual to wait 5 years as dialysis is an alternative.

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Is this nursing burnout?

I have been struggling a bit lately. I have been a nurse for a long time (20+ years) and have worked in many areas throughout my career. I currently work in a PACU and have "tried" to love it for over two years.

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Outpatient Clinic vs. Bedside Nursing

Hello fellow nurses, I am a new graduate nurse and have been offered positions in a : 1) Full Time M-F 7am-4pm Outpatient Clinic, no contract and 2) Full Time New Graduate program at a community hospital, in their med-surg/telemetry float pool with a varied schedule, 2 year contract

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Is It Just Me or...?

I’ve been in med surge/ telemetry for a little over year now. And I’ve been having THE HARDEST time getting in to both labor & delivery nursing & post part in nursing. I’ve always Felt like I’ve belonged in maternity nursing.

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Time management

Started back at LTC, after a 8 year hiatus from that setting. Been back for a few months. Some nights I feel good, and then i have a night like tonight

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Guess the Picmonic Contest!

Review this Picmonic (sample image). If you were to guess what the Picmonic is about what would it be? If you think you know what it is submit it as an entry. That's it. Correct answers will be entered into the drawing!

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6 Reasons Why Nurses are No Cape Heroes

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