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New Study Finds Association between Human Error and Surgical Adverse Events

Today’s surgical settings are focused on patient safety and rich in standards, protocols and policies aimed at preventing medical errors. However, there is always a risk of potentially life-threatening human error.

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ABCDEF ICU Bundle of Care - Interview with Michele Balas

Best practices for ICU patients involves a collaboration of disciplines. This includes physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, other therapists as well as many ancillary personnel. The goal is to get the patient well enough to get discharged from the ICU

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Become an FNP With Simmons' Online MSN

Nursing@Simmons enables Registered Nurses to earn an MSN online from the Simmons School of Nursing and Health Sciences in as few as 20 months. As a student, you will attend live online classes and gain clinical experience at sites in or near your community, secured with the assistance of a dedicated clinical placement team. Accredited by CCNE, the program offers part-time and full-time options to prepare you for certification as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

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From Internationally-Trained Nurse to American RN

My name is Claire and I am a french trained nurse. From as far as I remember, I have always wanted to become a nurse. Is it because my mom was one, or because of the hours I spent watching ER on TV? I don't know, but I've never really asked myself what I wanted to become when I grow up. It's always been clear.

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HHS Releases Report of U.S. Top 10 Causes of Death

A National Vital Statistics Report was recently released by the Department of Health and Human services ranking the top 10 causes of death in the United States.

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CSI Nurses: Do You Have What It Takes? - An Interview With Fiona Winterbottom

Nurses are change agents. Nurses are a force to be reckoned with and who better than the bedside nurse to make change in a hospital?

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NCLEX Study Tips contest

August traditionally means the end of summer and back to school prep for millions across the United States. It’s also a great time to gather some study tips. Here is a way you can share your favorite study tips and have a chance to win a pair of Beats Wireless Studio Headphones or a $125 Amazon Gift Card!

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Primary nurse assessment

I'm a float nurse and about a month ago, I was told by the supervisor to do the admission assessment on a unit for the nurse. I relayed to the primary nurse that I would go over everything with the patient as far as questions, but would leave the physical assessment for her to do.

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does the doctor-nurse game still exist?

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