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Today is May 25, 2022. Editor's Picks... 😐 Radonda After Trial; Patient After Job Change; Why Leaving Bedside?; Any Alternatives; Precepting Ideas; Downton Abbey; Article Contest; Nurses Month Contests Ending

Radonda Vaught: After The Trial

😐 RaDonda Vaught - What is she doing now?

What are your thoughts about the trial, the conviction, and the sentencing? Watch this video to see what Radonda is doing now.
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Leaving Job: Can I continue working with a patient?

Continuing to work with patient if change job?

I got a new job. Can I continue working with a patient even though I'm switching locations?
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Why are nurses leaving the bedside?

Be A Nurse They Said...

Is there really a nursing shortage or is there a tolerance for abuse shortage?
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Nursing Not For Me: Any alternatives?

Not Sure About Nursing

I've been reading things about nursing that have thrown me off. COVID hasn't helped the situation, reading about burn-out, feeling unappreciated and being thrown in the front lines...
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Have any precepting ideas?

Precepting Pearls

If you have any suggestions that are pearls of wisdom for precepting those that lack critical thinking/judgement - lay it on me.
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Did you know a heart valve patent helped the making of 'Downton Abbey'?

What Do Downton Abbey, Poldark, and a Heart Valve Have in Common?

Was anyone of us thinking of Bjork-Shiley prosthetic heart valve while we watched? Well, its invention is part of the reason PBS could afford to produce Downton Abbey.
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Article Contest: How can we solve this nursing shortage?

💰 Article Contest Ending June 1st

Nurses Month is almost over. That means our Article Contest is coming to a close. Last day to submit your article(s) is June 1st.
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Nurses Month Contests: $2,000 Total Prizes

Ending Soon: Nurses Month Contests

We have 5 contests with more than $2000 in prizes. No purchase necessary to enter or win. Most contests ending soon!
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