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Today is March 29, 2023. Editor's Picks... 🚗 Travel Nurse; Seizure; "What Is Your Weakness?"; Bored; Osteoporosis; Diabetes; DUI - Job Search; and SNF Denied

Guide To Travel Nursing

🚗 What is a Travel Nurse? Beginner's Guide to Travel Nursing

A travel nurse is an experienced licensed nursing professional who works short-term temporary nursing positions for hospitals and healthcare facilities in need of nursing staff.

Seizure: Nursing Diagnosis, Care Plans, and More

Seizure | Nursing Diagnosis, Care Plans, and More

Approximately 1 in every 100 US adults has had at least one unprovoked seizure in their lifetime or was diagnosed with epilepsy.

How to answer, 'What is your weakness?'

The correct answer to the dreaded "What is your weakness" interview question.

When I'm asked about my greatest weakness, what are your thoughts on something like...

Bored of Job but Stuck with Job Contract

Dying to leave the unit out of boredom...

I'm under a contract at my hospital for FOUR years. Applying to other dept but keep getting rejected ... need help with next step.

Guide to Osteoporosis Management

Nurse's Guide to the Latest in Osteoporosis Management in 2023

Osteoporosis causes significant morbidity and mortality, therefore, assessing those who may be at risk is vital.

Learn About Osteoporosis

Is it ok to email manager for job that I want?

Would it be appropriate to email manager about a job?

A yearlong contract expired - enjoyed my time there. I saw that a position is open and I'm wondering if it's ok to reach out.

Diabetes: Diagnosing, Managing

Diabetes: Why Does It Need to Be Controlled?

Key points to help educate your patients about what may happen if they do not control their blood sugar.

Pending DUI: Should I still apply for nursing job?

Should I apply for a nursing job...

I have a pending DUI case. Since I haven't been charged with anything.

When SNF Admission Is Denied

Navigating the discharge process when SNF admission is denied

This article discusses the requirements for Skilled Nursing Facility admission, advocating for your loved one as a medical professional, and alternatives when SNF is not appropriate.

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