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Helpful Items to Purchase for Nursing School

Earlier today I saw someone recommend that a student purchase a nursing diagnosis book. I have searched the forum and can't find a recommendation from the last couple years.

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RN Program Restrictions Regarding NCLEX Registration

I am almost done with my nursing program and they recently told us we will not be allowed to register for the NCLEX for another State although many of us live outside the state in which the program was offered.

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Whats in your bag?

I'm in the market for a new bag. Schlepping these books across campus is rough. A friend of mine has a wheelie back-pack.

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How long should prereqs take?

I just met with an advisor at my school to find out what classes I should take next and I learned that it will take me 4-5 more semesters to finish my prereqs.

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I am guilty of oversharing

I confess. I overshare ALL the time. I think I know how it gets started. Sometimes I'm nervous about a situation (very common in nursing school) so I just open my mouth to say something short and to the point, but garbage pours out of my mouth until I can get it clamped shut again.

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2018 Spring Nursing Article Contest - 3 Winners $200 Each!!

Although Spring has officially begun, the weather has been very odd across the country. You may have seen glimpses of Spring with warmer weather, blossoming trees, and Spring flowers, only to get snow the following days.

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