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Should I Be a Nurse? 5 Things to Think About

Trevor stopped me in the hall at church. "I'm thinking about going to nursing school. I know you have been a nurse a long time. Do you think I should be a nurse?"

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I don't enjoy going to clinical

I am in my first year of actual nursing school, and mostly through my first clinical experience. We began in a care home, which I did not enjoy.

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Passing Nclex 7 years after Graduating and 3 tries later

Passing the NCLEX after 3 tries and 7 years after graduating nursing school. If I can do it, so can you!!

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Why Should You Become a Nurse – the REAL Reasons

The Top 3 Real Reasons You Should Become a Nurse

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My journey of Being Denied, Waitlisted, and Now Starting Nursing School!

I have faced many obstacles since starting college, however, I have learned from them and continue to grow. Here are some of my experiences I have faced and where I am now.

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Nursing versus PA route due to set-backs

Recently, I made a decision to switch my goals from a physician to a physician assistant; and am now considering changing to nursing. I've failed upper division organic once and dropped it two times.

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