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Failure to success!

Share your journey from failure to success. I want to hear about how y'all eventually overcame those failures in nursing into success

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Semester 1 FNP School Wrap-Up Follow Me Through Grad School Episode 113

What's most important to be a success in grad school? Well, BizzyBee wraps up her first semester with some solid advice. Come on in...

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Are For Profit Schools really BAD?

I am changing careers at the ripe old age of 40. I am working through my prerecs now but I honestly don't have years and years to work towards a) getting into a public school program, which in my area can take YEARS!

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Two nurses and a nursing student first responders at Ohio State fair tragedy

Following a ride malfunction at the Ohio State Fair this past weekend, two nurses and a nursing student were among first responders in a tragedy that killed one person and injured seven others...

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I am here to explain my situation and hopefully get some good feedback. I am currently taking pharmacology/applied drug therapy. I have studied my tail off, as have the rest of the class. But her exams are extremely difficult.

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Best cardiac arrhythmia resources?

I am going into my fourth semester this fall and am extremely nervous for both clinical, SIM and class. Last semester students and all previous students before them, said fourth semester was extremely hard and the professors are impatient...

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