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NCLEX study tips ep. 107

So...not quite approved by the state to take the NCLEX. However, now is the time to get ready...

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Memorizing Pharmacology Video 4 of 7

Antibiotics are one of the mainstays of patient care. Its very important that nurses understand what antibiotics do in relation to the bacteria they are being prescribed for and many sound very similar....so here is a resource

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Would you work outside of your scope of practice to save a life?

We had a group discussion in my class today about a hypothetical scenario and I'm curious to see what some of you on here would do.

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New Grad with 2 Job Offers - How do I decide?

Dear Nurse Beth, I am a new grad (May 2017) and I received my RN license a few weeks ago. I had two interviews yesterday (both at the same hospital in NJ) and received offers. Here's my dilemma:

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The Terrifying NCLEX Day!

The day has finally come - NCLEX test date. Ugh, am I ready, am I not, should I delay it, should I take it today??? Questions, questions, questions....

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Memorizing Pharmacology Video 5 of 7

Neuro and mental health pharmacology are two very challenging topics, but knowing how these medications work can help you succeed in mental health class.

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