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Shoes, uniforms, shower after clinical?

Does anyone have advice for what to do after clinical? Lysol shoes, wash uniform, shower and shampoo hair...anything else?

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Traditional bsn vs direct entry level and absn

I was researching different schools bsn, absn, and direct entry. I looked at csu fullerton absn program and they require As and Bs on the science prereqs vs Direct Entry Level masters program at University of Hawaii Manoa they require only Cs in the science courses

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Endocrine System & Blood Questions?

I am doing some homework for ADV Anatomy and Physiology and was wondering if I can get some second opinions to some of my "not sure" answers. I have a 7 pages assignment and I have only a few that I ain't really sure about and it's killing me not knowing.

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Accelerated BSN = no life?

I'm about to start an accelerated BSN program in a month and I'm terrified out of my wits. It's a 15 month program spread out in 4 semesters. As if nursing school on its own wasn't hard enough, I heard that accelerated BSN programs are practically soul-destroying.

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Graduating Soon - Having Doubts

I am a student that will be graduating in May 2017. I currently work as a Tech in a Psychiatric Unit. I am very thankful at this position as it is my first experience in the medical field.

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