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I Graduated Nursing School, Now What?

This is my personal experience on what life after nursing school is really like. I explain my expectations upon graduation, and what having to face reality was like

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allnurses.com Reaches Epic Milestone - 1,000,000 Registered Members!!

We thank you, the allnurses members, who over the years have helped us to become the largest online nursing community where nurses and nursing students from around the world can network with one another and share their knowledge and experiences.

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TEAS 6 Advice

Since I received value as a reader - never commented on here before -, I felt I should give back and share my experience if it helps anyone else.

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Ruined my chances of a BSN? Have to be an ADN forever??

I experienced some bumps along the way during my undergrad years, but now those mistakes may haunt me forever!

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For those who have taken NCLEX RN

My exam shut off at 75 questions and I thought the exam was fairly easy 😩 I only got 10-15 SATA and a TON of prioritization.

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How Long Did It Take For You To Learn Your Study Style?

It's only day two but we have an exam next week and this instructor doesn't give study guides. She only lectures from PowerPoints and we have homework on Evolve(which I love). The first day was tough because these questions are of course different and you have to put what you've learned into a particular scenario.

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