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Confessions of a Clinical Instructor (Part II)

Unfortunately, most students and nurses have little idea what its actually like to be a CI or understand the unique position we occupy in the world of nursing education.

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Love Nursing? Or ????

Something happened in June 2009, I had only one year left of high school ahead of me and from there the pressure to choose a career from family and friends started to increase day by day.

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The longest forty eight hours

A story about my personal experiences with NCLEX and waiting. No breaking of NCLEX rules. Just about test anxiety and impatience written with the hope of helping someone manage theirs.

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I've been so excited about starting Middlesex County Vocational and Technical School in February that I didn't even ask whether or not it was accredited. I assumed that it was being that it's a public school.

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Students, it’s not all about you!

The most important lesson I learned in nursing school had nothing to do with any pathophysiology, procedure, or medication. I learned the lesson on my worst day of clinicals, but on the best day in hindsight.

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Maintaining health while in nursing school

Here I stand after my 3rd semester of nursing school, twenty pounds heavier than one year ago. I get sick regularly. I struggle with anxiety and panic attacks (the anxiety was always present, but the panic attacks started during my second semester). I have one semester left before I graduate with my ADN.

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