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What’s the real deal with Travel Nursing?

Have you ever been interested in travel nursing? Has fear of the unknown stopped you from looking into this booming corner of nursing?

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The Importance of International Nursing Experiences

International nursing experiences help student nurses and nurses to increase their understanding, knowledge, self-confidence, and cultural competence.

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Medical Malpractice Insurance is More Affordable Than You Think

Will your employer truly stand behind you in the unfortunate event of a medical malpractice lawsuit? For as little as $81.00/month you could have $500,000 in protection. You wouldn't drive your car without insurance, your livelihood shouldn't be any different.

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Thanksgiving Break is Upon Us!

Hello fellow school nurses! Thanksgiving break is upon us! I wasn't working in this setting at this time last year, so I wanted to hear from you all; How crazy does it get before the holiday break?

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Ways to Unwind

Nursing is stressful. Duh. With the holidays approaching, taking time for self care has the potential to reduce your stress and increase your bliss. Here’s a list of things I’ve tried to stop my busy brain from spiraling down the rabbit hole…

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How do you like being a school nurse?

What do you like about being a school nurse?

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PTO granted

I've been at my hospital for a few years now, but have recently changed units. My new unit is wonderful except when it comes to having PTO granted.

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